Miracle Leaf, a Florida-based medical cannabis health center, is setting up shop in downtown San Marcos.

New Braunfels local William C. Stovall, franchise owner for the San Marcos location, said he wanted to give people a vehicle to get off "big pharma" drugs.

Stovall also emphasized that they are trying to separate themselves from smoke shops.

"We're trying to separate ourselves from the smoke shop stigma because this is medical. We don't sell pipes and papers and all that kind of crazy stuff, just straight product," Stovall said.

Miracle Leaf will offer gummies, Delta 8 products, edibles and topicals.

The center also provides a small team of doctors that will evaluate individuals by appointment and then make a recommendation to obtain a Texas Medical Marijuana Card.

If a patient receives a recommendation, they would enroll in the Texas Marijuana Card Registry Program and obtain a digital card through Texas' Compassionate Use Program with CURT, an online system by the Department of Public Safety that uses physician input to manage low tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, prescriptions.

Stovall plans to open two more Miracle Leaf locations in Central Texas and will hold a grand opening for the San Marcos location at the end of November.