Studio owner Arthur “AJ” Castillo had multiple tour buses and an 18-wheeler stationed on a property in Austin until the property owners noticed damage to their asphalt due to the vehicles.

Castillo said the property owners asked him to leave, but he needed to find a spot to park his buses and 18-wheeler, which was when he found a property in San Marcos.

Castillo described it as a “diamond in the rough.”

“A lot of my guys in my band, they're from San Antonio; they're from Seguin; they're from Kyle; and I live in Austin, so it was a good spot to meet halfway,” Castillo said.

Castillo also noticed there was no place for them to rehearse during the pandemic, which was when he got the idea to open Redwood Studios.

“When the pandemic hit, there was no place for us to rehearse or to practice, and that's why I started getting this idea, ‘Man, I'm just [going to] build a studio so we can rehearse and record,’ and then it really turned into a full-blown recording studio,” Castillo said.

Redwood Studios offers recording, mixing, mastering, production and videography.