Tripp + Archer, a locally owned boutique, closed its storefront at the end of June.

Tripp + Archer owner Lindsey Childress said the owner of the building had let her know upfront that he had plans to renovate or demolish the building down the line, but she could operate until he was ready.

The boutique opened in October 2021 at 112 S. Main St., Buda, a few months after Childress' then 4-year-old son, Tripp, suffered a nonfatal drowning accident. Although another downtown brick-and-mortar location was offered, Childress said their family had "major plans" for Tripp with international travel for his therapy in the near future.

"It will take us out of the Buda area for substantial chunks of time, so with that on the horizon, it's best for me to be able to operate the boutique virtually anywhere without being tied down to a physical location that needs to be staffed and looked after," Childress said. "While it was fun and cute, it was always first and foremost a means to tell my community about his story and thank those who supported us so much during the worst time of our lives. With major therapy plans ahead for him and us, family comes first, so everything else must take a backseat to getting him the healing he needs," she said.

Tripp + Archer sells an assortment of clothing, shoes, accessories, home and gift items. Although the storefront has closed, Tripp + Archer will continue to be operational online.

"I am revamping the types of clothing and accessories offered, so until I get that all set and ready and online, I'm not planning on markets or pop-ups," Childress said.