Goodbye Laundry officially launched its services in downtown San Marcos on April 1.

Goodbye Laundry is a woman- and veteran-owned laundry service that serves customers spanning from South Austin to San Antonio.

How it started

Grae Bollinger and Jillian Sabado decided to open Goodbye Laundry in San Marcos to assist with paying health care bills for Bollinger’s uncle, who suffered from multiple sclerosis.

“In order to pay for my uncle’s care I brought him over here to Texas. I started looking at purchasing the laundromat, and that’s how I got in contact with the current owner ... and he liked my story; he liked what I was doing for my uncle, and so we’ve been in negotiations for a while now,” Bollinger said. "Unfortunately he [Bollinger's uncle] ended up passing before I could even solidify the deal, but we were already in the middle of negotiations and everything, so we just figured we might as well continue on with it."

Goodbye Laundry provides wash and fold services at Country Clean at 311 W. Hopkins St. and Poly-Clean Center Laundry at 315 W. Hutchinson St., two laundromats operated by a different owner who agreed to let Bollinger and Sabado run their business at these locations until the couple fully purchase them. The main operational location for Goodbye Laundry is at 315 W. Hutchinson St.

What makes Goodbye Laundry different from other laundry services?

The laundry service uses eco-friendly detergents and wool balls instead of dryer sheets.

“We don’t use any harsh chemicals, and we use cleaners from the website called the Wellness Box; it’s a wellness company, so they specialize in eco-friendly, nonharsh chemicals that are not bad for the environment,” Bollinger said. “We partner with a refillery store that is right next door to the laundromats as well, so we don’t go through plastic.”

Here are some options customers have when using Goodbye Laundry:
  • fully customizable
  • wash, fold
  • stain treatment
  • bleaching
  • pickup, delivery
Goodbye Laundry is open Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Friday-Sunday from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. 512-855-3585.