Wildfire SMTX will be San Marcos’ latest addition to the downtown square at 141 E. Hopkins St., the site of former LGBTQ bar and club Stonewall Warehouse.

Stonewall Warehouse closed abruptly Jan. 1 after years of "trying to improve a failing business," according to owner Jamie Frailicks.

Jovan Marin, part-owner of Axis in San Marcos and Austin, said that a rumor had begun to circulate that Frailicks wanted to sell and there were some interested buyers from Austin.

“I didn’t want to see the community, especially not the nightlife, get lost to big bar owners from Austin,” Marin said.

Frailicks sold the majority of the company to Axis owners Marin, Henry Hogensen and Miles Alpgelp with Frailicks staying on as a partner.

Wildfire SMTX will have a full bar and “San Marcos priced amenities," but will not be the same as Stonewall as renovations and improvements have already been made.

“It’s not going to be Austin prices; you don’t have to go all the way to Austin to go to Superstition or go to Clive or something like that to go and enjoy a nightclub setting anymore,” he said.

Marin, who has lived in San Marcos since 2012 and graduated from Texas State, emphasized that they are community-driven bar owners who care about their employees and customers.

"We own really successful bars, and we've had a good track record. I've only been a bar owner since 2019, but I would like to say that because of the way that I've treated my employees and the way I've treated my customers, we have a reputation of being good thing for the community," Marin said.

The nightclub is expected to open early April.