San Marcos unveiled its newest mural, located at 313 E. Hutchinson St., from Texas Disposal Systems in honor of Earth Day on April 27.

TDS has been doing an arts program in support of Earth Day since 2020, commissioning local artists who hold similar values.

This year, the disposal company commissioned local San Marcos artist Rene Perez to create a 23-by-12-foot mural that celebrates Earth Day. Perez said it took him about six days to complete the mural.

Katy Fordyce, TDS' senior marketing communication specialist, said TDS officials were drawn to Perez because of his previous work.

“Some of his past work is emphasizing keeping the river clean, keeping the San Marcos nature safe and clean, and recycling and picking up trash and that just went totally in alignment with what we believe at Texas Disposal Systems, which is ‘Every Day is Earth Day,’” Fordyce said.

Perez wanted his mural to emphasize that a key part of the slogan “Every Day is Earth Day” is picking up trash, noting it felt good to paint a mural for his town.

“Every time I do this, it feels great. I just can't believe that I'm doing this,” he said.