The central focus for Los Brothers Mexican Kitchen is authenticity—not toward the Tex-Mex cuisine that permeates the Central Texas area, said co-owner Adele Tinoco, but toward full Mexican recipes.

Tinoco, who in 2019 opened the food truck with her husband, Sven Muehlhan, at its location at 204 FM 2001 in Buda, said her ambitions centered on providing another option for the community.

“Around here, we have a lot of Tex-Mex,” she said. “So, here [at Los Brothers] we have authentic Mexican food.”

Muehlhan said the decision to open the food truck was kind of spontaneous but also inspired by feedback from people who said they’d like a more Mexican take on local food.

“Everything we serve is not precooked,” Muehlhan said. “We choose our meats from Mexican meat markets, we take it here and we make everything fresh.”

Most of the Los Brothers customers are Hispanic construction workers, he said, and added that in the two plus years since they opened, support for the food truck’s signature flavors has only grown.

Tinoco said she was in part inspired to open the business by her brother and her mother, and it remains important for her to provide a part of Latino culinary culture she was not seeing in the Buda community.

“I want something that customers could really connect with in their culture,” she said.

For that reason the Los Brothers menu puts emphasis on certain items, including the torta, which is a Mexican style large sandwich with pastor, or pork, ham, cheese, avocado and sliced hot dogs.

Another hot seller is the barbacoa, and Tinoco credits the Los Brothers barbacoa recipe to her mother, who taught her how to make the slow cooked meat dish.

The food truck has a diverse menu that includes breakfast tacos and combo platters, but two of the most popular items include the beef fajita (fajita de res) taco with peppers and onions and the Compechanos taco, which has asada, or skirt steak, and chorizo dressed with cilantro and onions.

“I wasn’t really a big fan before of chorizo, but the supplier that we have chosen offers some really good chorizo, where the flavor is so deep,” Muehlhan said. “When I tasted it, I was like, ‘Wow, this is going to be outstanding.’”

Los Brothers Mexican Kitchen

204 FM 2001, Buda


Hours: 7 a.m.-2 p.m.