Round Rock ISD students enrolled in dual credit through Austin Community College can plan for their spring break holidays at both institutions to once again align in 2024.

RRISD officials revisited spring break dates for the upcoming 2023-24 school year March 23, just over two months after they were last adjusted.

In January, board action shifted dates for the spring semester holiday from March 11-15 to March 18-23 to align with what district officials believed would be the dates published by both The University of Texas and Austin Community College. However, it only aligned with that of UT as ACC published its own calendar with the March 11-15 dates.

The board approved an item reverting the dates to March 11-15, aligning with ACC and not UT, to best serve students who are enrolled in dual-credit courses and would otherwise have to go to class during the break, according to the meeting agenda.

Additional academic calendar adjustments approved include shifting a Jan. 2, 2024, professional development day to Aug. 3, 2023, to lengthen the winter break for district staff by one day as well as adding five instructional minutes to each school day. The extra time will eliminate the need to add more calendar days if bad weather causes school closures, according to district documents.