Round Rock ISD’s newest school now has a new name: Redbud Elementary School.

Board members chose the new name April 15 from a list of three provided by the naming committee. The other two suggestions were Juanita Craft and Bright Lake.

The name Redbud was inspired by its location near Old Settlers Park, which is home to numerous redbud trees, while Bright Lake provided a sense of place, according to the district. Juanita Craft was a Round Rock-born civil rights activist and educator.

“I like all three but my first choice was Juanita Craft. I like the history behind that name,” trustee Tiffanie Harrison said.

Redbud, however, was the top choice for most other board members as well as the committee, which did not formally vote on a top choice.

The district’s 35th elementary school will open for the 2021-22 school year and be located at 1500 Ty Cobb Place, Round Rock, near Old Settlers Park in the Ryan’s Crossing neighborhood. Funding for the campus was part of the district’s 2018 bond and will help reduce overcrowding at Herrington Elementary School.

District documents indicate about $48.15 million from the bond was allocated for the new school, which will provide space for about 900 students.

Included in the campus design is a large tree that serves as a central focal point in the media center.

“The school is beautiful, and it is almost getting done,” acting Superintendent Daniel Presley said.