Google Fiber crews are expected to begin installing fiber-optic cables in a few Round Rock neighborhoods soon, according to representatives with the company, bringing high-speed internet access to residents by the end of 2024.

The details

Representatives said construction is planned to begin east of I-35 in neighborhoods along SH 45, Gattis School Road and Park Lane. Residents in some of these neighborhoods could see construction start as soon as late January.

“We have also been working closely with our partners at the city of Round Rock on permitting and coordinating our work with the city’s ongoing street construction and maintenance projects so that we can minimize disruptions for residents,” representatives said. “... Our goal is to begin serving our first customers in Round Rock by the end of the year.”

Fiber optic uses a network of glass fibers to transmit internet service through light waves. The installation process requires cables to be placed at the street level through a shallow trench, with connections to an outdoor network interface box and indoor Fiber Jack that connects to a router.

How we got here

Round Rock City Council approved an agreement in October 2022 with Google Fiber to install, maintain and operate a fiber-optic network in the city, making Round Rock the third city in Texas to receive the service. A groundbreaking was held in September to mark the project's start.

What residents should know
  • Residents may see “construction” and “no parking” signs along neighborhood streets at least two days before construction begins.
  • Construction will take place from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily.
  • Residents should receive a Google Fiber door hanger on their front door notifying them of construction.
  • Crews will mark construction zones with spray paint and flags.
  • If there are issues during construction, residents are asked to call 877-454-6959 to notify the Google Fiber team.
  • Residents can enter their home or business address here to be notified when service will become available in your area, if it isn’t already.