Round Rock residents and business owners can expect to have high-speed internet access early next year through fiber optic provider Google Fiber.

Google Fiber representatives along with Round Rock and Williamson County leaders held a groundbreaking ceremony Sept. 13 to mark the start of the fiber optic cable construction in southeast Round Rock.

How we got here

Round Rock City Council unanimously approved an agreement with Google Fiber in October 2022 to install, maintain and operate a fiber optic network in the city. The agreement makes Round Rock the third city in Texas to receive the service after Austin and San Antonio, according to city officials.

“Access to reliable, high-speed, open, fairly-priced internet is essential,” said John-Michael Cortez, government and community affairs manager at Google Fiber, in a statement. “Having real choices for that internet service is essential for residents and small businesses.”

The specifics

Fiber optic uses a network of glass fibers to transmit internet service through light waves.

Per the Google Fiber team, the installation process consists of these steps:
  • Fiber cable is placed at the street level.
  • Fiber is then run from the street to the building and connected to an outdoor box called a network interface unit.
  • A technician will then install an indoor Fiber Jack, which will be connected to the router, and initiate the internet service.

City representatives said the street-level construction will consist of “shallow trenching,” which requires a small cut into the asphalt along the curb in neighborhood streets. Residents will be notified of construction by crews through door hangers, street signage and cones.

Looking ahead

Cortez said service will first become available around the Roundville Lane area, where the first cables are being installed, and that "as many households as possible" will be reached.

Residents can enter their home or business address here to be notified when the service will become available in their area if it isn’t already.