Williamson County Sheriff's Office announced Sept. 5 that Lifetime Cable Network’s television show "Women on Patrol" will feature its deputies in the show's upcoming season.

The reality television show follows female law enforcement officers from around the country and is a spinoff of the A&E Network's "Live PD." Both programs show actual law enforcement officers responding to calls in a nearly live setting with a 10-25 minute airtime delay.

“I am delighted to show law enforcement from a perspective of our female deputies. The challenges encountered and the tenacity should make for a good show. It also should demonstrate the professionalism here at Williamson County Sheriff’s Office by all those who serve our community,” said Sheriff Robert Chody in a press release Wednesday.

Chody in January appealed to Williamson County Commissioners Court to authorize a partnership between the Williamson County Sheriff's Office and "Live PD." One month later commissioners unanimously approved the partnership.

It is not immediately clear when the episode of "Women on Patrol" featuring the Williamson County Sheriff's Office will air. The second season of the show premieres Sept. 10 on the Lifetime Cable Network.