Several road improvements are on the way to Hutto's Old Town and Durango Farms districts following Hutto City Council's approval of a new traffic plan Sept. 15.

The plan calls for several traffic safety and traffic-calming measures that can be completed without first conducting a traffic study.

Projects in the plan include construction of traffic circles at the intersections of Main Street and Liberty Street, East Street and Hutto Street, and East and West Live Oak streets.

The completion of the traffic circles will allow the city to remove barriers on Main and East streets that were installed in summer 2021 to limit construction traffic in Old Town.

According to city materials, each traffic circle will cost approximately $4,000 and take around 10 days to complete. Funding will come from the city's general fund.

Also included in the plan is the addition of streetlights along Main and East streets to enhance safety for both vehicles and pedestrians. City materials indicate the streetlights will cost around $21,000 in total to purchase and install.

Construction on the traffic circles began in late September.