Motorists driving along Wolf Pack Drive, Pleasanton Parkway and Benica Street in Pflugerville will now have to lay off the gas pedal during certain times.

With the recent opening of Jessica Carpenter Elementary School and pending opening of Bohls Middle School, Pflugerville City Council on a second reading has approved the implementation of new school zones during a Dec. 14 meeting.

City information states the new zones are subject to standard penalties for violation of the speed limits.

Each new school zone will be active from 6:55-9:15 a.m. and 2:30-4:45 p.m. and anytime a school speed zone device is flashing.

They will be located as follows:

  • The school zone on Wolf Pack Drive will begin 600 feet east of Weiss Lane and end 200 feet east of Casanova Avenue.

  • The school zone on Benica Street will begin at Pleasanton Avenue and end at Wolf Pack Drive.

  • The school zone at Pleasanton Parkway will begin 200 feet east of Weiss Lane and end 780 feet east of Benica Street.