The Pflugerville Police Department will install a total of 28 Flock Security Cameras throughout Pflugerville's high-traffic areas, with additional cameras in large retails areas like Stone Hill Town Center.

Pflugerville City Council approved the purchase of the cameras at an April 26 meeting. The $83,300 expense was funded using a Department of Justice Project Safe Neighborhood Grant.

Flock Security Cameras contain license plate readers and automatically take photos of passing vehicles. The cameras also automatically check for stolen vehicles and missing persons.

The cameras will only store photos for 30 days after they are taken, except in cases where a photo is deemed relevant to an ongoing investigation, in which case it will remain available after the 30-day period.

PPD Patrol Lieutenant Tyler Summers said the department prioritized entrance points to the city when determining where cameras would be placed.

"This allows officers to be notified when stolen vehicles enter our city so we can intercept them before further crimes [are] committed," Summers said.

Summers clarified that the cameras have no facial recognition capabilities and only automatically capture photos of vehicles.

The cameras are expected to be operational within a few weeks, according to a city release.