Hutto City Council approved a program June 6 supporting the build out of sidewalks throughout new neighborhoods in the city.


Under current city regulations, developers building subdivisions within city limits are required to construct sidewalks or shared-use paths. However, city projects sometimes delay the construction of these paths.

With City Council's approval, developers may now sign a construction and escrow agreement, allowing the company to set aside funds—to a city-managed account—for the construction of sidewalks at a future date.

These city-managed funds may only be used for constructing sidewalks or shared-use paths within the same subdivision where the escrow funds were dedicated, according to city documents.

The developer is also responsible for providing design plans for potential sidewalk routes within these communities, which requires approval in the final plat submitted to the city, according to the language of the construction and escrow agreement.

The program supports increased walkability within the city. More information on currently submitted plats can be found on the city's Planning and Zoning website.