During his May 2 State of the City address, Pflugerville Mayor Victor Gonzales reaffirmed the city's dedication to enhancing the quality of life for residents.

The breakdown

Gonzales underscored this commitment by highlighting several projects, some recently finished and others on the horizon, that exemplify the city's mission.

1. Tourism

Tourism is slated to become an “economic engine,” for the city, Gonzalez said. Pflugerville City Council kicked off a rebranding of the city’s tourism initiative called “Explore Pflugerville” this past fall.

He explained that part of the draw would come from the city’s extensive trail system.

“These trails are a gateway to exploration, directly connecting the city and community to the wildlife and serene landscapes found here in Central Texas,” Gonzales said.

2. Parks and quality of life

He linked the city's outdoor amenities to its commitment to enhancing residents' quality of life, adding that 95% of Pflugerville residents reside within half a mile of a trail. Additionally, he noted that 97% of the city's parks are now equipped with shade structures.

3. Urban enrichment

In a push for “urban enrichment,” city officials have advanced plans for Downtown East, Gonzales said. The construction of phase one of the $204.7 million project is expected to begin by the end of the year.

4. Water and wastewater

Gonzales also emphasized the city’s commitment to ensuring water and wastewater capacity for the growing community, calling water and wastewater infrastructure the “tree trunk” of the city. Pflugerville's water treatment expansion is roughly 30% complete, while the new wastewater treatment facility and Secondary Colorado River raw water line should break ground in 2024.

The city is expected to invest over $1 billion in water and wastewater projects over the next five years, according to Gonzalez.

To watch the full Pflugerville State of the City address, click here.