Pflugerville City Council approved new play equipment April 23 for Verona Park, located at 19124 Elk Horn Drive, as the city is working to lower the average age of play equipment throughout the city.

In a nutshell

The playground does not meet the city’s standards, and residents in the surrounding neighborhood raised concerns on the quality of the park last year. The Verona HOA and the city partnered to fund an upgrade to the park.

The new playscape will include multiple slides and climbing structures. The park will also feature a new zip line, one of only two within the city, Director of Parks and Recreation Shane Mize said.

The park's renovations will cost $150,000, with roughly $120,000 coming from the city’s parkland escrow funds received from new developments and $30,000 from the HOA, according to city documents.

Construction is expected to begin this fall.

The impact

The Pflugerville Parks and Recreation Department has “worked aggressively” to lower the average age of the city’s playgrounds, Mize said. He explained that as of last year, all the replacements previously done by the city had lowered the average life of playscapes in the city from 11 to eight years old.

With the replacement in Verona Park and others planned for this calendar year, the average life of playgrounds in Pflugerville will be around five years old, according to city documents.

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