In the midst of notable vertical growth within The Co-Op District in recent months, Hutto city staff and council members celebrated the five-year anniversary of the opening of the City Hall building April 1, which stands at the heart of this development.

The takeaway

“I remember going to the City Council meetings in the old building, and we would have to stop council meetings when a train would fly through—we couldn’t hear a thing,” Place 4 City Council member Peter Gordon said. “I was really excited when [the new building] opened. ... This is your building, this is the citizens' building.”

The $5 million dollar facility was funded by 2018 voter-approved bonds. Along with a majority of city services, the public building is also home to the city’s library.

Plans for the full build out of The Co-Op District include a walkable 35-acre business, retail, entertainment and residential destination for the city, according to developers MA Partners.