The big picture: Pet owners looking to return an animal to the Pflugerville Animal Shelter will face three times the previous fee following Pflugerville City Council's approval of an ordinance on May 9.

By the numbers: Fees for animal surrenders at the shelter are based on several factors. The new fees for each category are:
  • $75 for spayed and neutered animals (up from $25)
  • $150 for animals not spayed or neutered (up from $50)
  • $150 for high-risk animals, such as those with health issues or aggression toward other animals (up from $50)
The context: The Pflugerville Animal Shelter is one of several local animal shelters facing issues with insufficient capacity. City materials state the shelter's waitlist for animal returns is approximately four months due to the lack of space.

The shelter also requires pet owners looking to surrender an animal first post on an adoption website. According to city materials, approximately 50 pets have been rehomed through the program this year without having to enter the shelter.

Animal surrenders at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter are only available to pet owners who live within Pflugerville city limits.