Pflugerville City Council is looking into a massive $30 million downtown improvement project that would drastically change the area's aesthetic.

Through the consent agenda at a Dec. 14 meeting, council adopted findings and recommendations of a downtown utility analysis, but city documents state officials must pursue several other steps before a specific project can begin, including identifying other desired improvements in the area, conducting detailed water and wastewater systems analyses and securing funding.

The initial study suggests a multiphase plan totaling $29.51 million in costs for work that would largely relocate above-ground infrastructure underground.

As one example, city documents show telephone poles and other cables and infrastructure would completely disappear from view at the intersection of Pecan Street and Railroad Avenue under the plan.

The area under consideration for the utility relocation runs through Pecan Street from Meadow Lane on the west to Dessau Road/FM 685 on the east.

The area also extends as far south as Pfluger Street and north at points past East Wilbarger Street.

City staff said council will discuss the analysis again when the Downtown Action Plan is presented sometime in the spring.