Hutto City Council will meet April 1 at 7 p.m. Here is a preview of some of the agenda items the council will be discussing. The full agenda can be found on the city’s website.


Item 10.2: Consideration and possible action for a utility rate study

Following City Council’s March 4 approval of plans for Phase 1 of a three-phase water supply improvements project, a rate study will be conducted to assess current water rates. This item, if approved, will allow City Manager Warren Hutmacher to start a professional service agreement for the study. A professional service agreement is a contract with a consultant to perform a service, in this case a utility rate study.

Item 10.3: Continuation of public hearing and possible action authorizing the creation of the Cottonwood Creek Public Improvement District

Council passed a motion during its March 18 meeting to continue a public hearing regarding the creation of the Cottonwood Creek Public Improvement District through April 1. A public improvement district is a designated area where any improvements or maintenance within the community is funded by the property owners. If approved, the district will be located south of CR 199 and west of CR 134 and east of Luna Vista Drive and Foxglove Drive.

Other business

Item 11.2: Presentation of the last two years of economic development corporation expenses and return on investment

Economic development corporation Chair Steven Harris will present the last two years' worth of expenses and return on investment. This agenda item was requested by the council in January and was expected to be presented during the March 4 meeting but was not due to the presentation not being ready. Because Council Member Tanner Rose was absent during the March 18 meeting, the presentation was pushed to April 1 so that he could hear it. Council Member Robin Sutton and Rose said during the March 4 meeting that they would be looking at how people in the corporation spent money and for what reasons as well as the job descriptions of the people within the corporation.

Item 11.4. Consideration and possible action on appointing a mayor pro tem

After Mayor Mike Snyder, who previously served as mayor pro tem, was elected to his position during the March 6 special election, the council must elect a new mayor pro tem. The mayor pro tem is a council member elected by City Council to act as mayor during the disability, absence or failure of the mayor to carry out the duties of the office, according to the Hutto city charter.