The city of Pflugerville announced Jan. 19 that a special meeting planned to discuss emergency medical services funding options had been canceled.

The Jan. 19 meeting was set to include members of Pflugerville City Council, the board for Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2 and the Pflugerville delegation from the Travis County Commissioners Court. Staff confirmed the city is working to reschedule the meeting for a later date.

In the announcement, the city of Pflugerville attributed the cancellation to "the inability of the Travis County ESD No. 2 board and the Pflugerville delegation of the Travis County Commissioners Court to attend."

Pflugerville City Council discussed EMS funding concerns and a proposed district overlay Jan. 12 and has until Feb. 8 to make a decision regarding the proposal's inclusion on the May ballot.

The discussion held by Pflugerville City Council on Jan. 12 was not to formally establish the district overlay but rather to consider the proposal's inclusion on the May ballot. Travis County Commissioners Court is expected to consider the proposal Feb. 9. The deadline for inclusion of an item on the May ballot is Feb. 12.