Several portables at Hutto and Farley Middle Schools will be relocated to two Hutto ISD elementary schools over the summer to relieve overcrowding.

What you need to know

With the opening of Gus Almquist Middle School set for this fall, a total of eight portables at two HISD middle schools will be relocated to Cottonwood Creek and Hutto elementary schools to relieve overcrowding at those campuses, school administrators said during an April 25 meeting.

The relocation will happen this summer, after classes have ended for the 2023-24 school year.

The details

Relocated portables will be divvied up as follows for those campuses:
  • Five portables relocated from Hutto Middle School to Cottonwood Creek Elementary School
  • Three portables relocated from Farley Middle School to Hutto Elementary School
What they're saying

Henry Gideon, HISD's associate superintendent of operations, said the district is moving the portables to address overcrowding, which administrators had hoped would be resolved by the opening of Lee Martinez Elementary, the district's eighth elementary school, next fall.

"There's no way to truly support our two campuses and give the instructional environment that we need without moving and relocating these portables," Gideon said. "This is both a need in terms of capacity and student safety."