Hutto ISD officials will begin the planning phases of expanding the Ninth Grade Center into the district's second comprehensive high school this summer, according to school administrators.

What you need to know

Trustees approved the sale of $125 million in bond funds to be used for multiple projects, with the majority to be used to get started on a second comprehensive high school, said Henry Gideon, HISD's associate superintendent of operations, April 25.

The funds will be allocated as follows, Gideon said:
  • $4 million for the design of Elementary School No. 9
  • $6 million for deferred maintenance across the district
  • $115 for High School No. 2
How we got here

Last May, voters approved the use of $522 million to expand and improve district facilities as HISD is growing. The bond included three propositions.

Proposition A—the largest of the three at $471.5 million—funds several major campus projects, including construction of two new elementary schools and expansion of the Ninth Grade Center into a full high school.

At $10.5 million, Proposition B provides funding for new instructional technology devices, such as classroom computers and audio-video equipment.

Proposition C provides $40 million for the renovation of the administrative building at 200 College St. into a districtwide academic center with space for several alternative education programs.