UPDATED: March 2, 1:01 p.m.

Pflugerville ISD spokesperson Tamra Spence confirmed March 2 the one-time COVID-19 vaccine incentive stipend would provide $100 to staff members who receive the vaccine. Those who have already been vaccinated will be awarded the stipend retroactively.


The Pflugerville ISD board of trustees approved two separate stipends for district staff Feb. 25 in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The first stipend approved pertained to a one-time payment for personal protective equipment. Full-time staff would receive a $500 allotment, while part-time employees would be given a one-time $250 payment, the district confirmed.

The second stipend approved by the board would be a one-time incentivization of an undisclosed amount for district staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Community Impact Newspaper has reached out to PfISD officials for the specific monetary amount.

The PPE stipend would cost the district approximately $1.6 million and would be applied across the board to staff. PfISD Superintendent Douglas Killian noted the district would likely end its current fiscal year in a deficit and that the stipend dips into PfISD's savings.

Killian said he is unsure at this stage whether PfISD staff will receive pay increases in advance of the upcoming fiscal year. Between the coronavirus pandemic and resulting effects on state funding and fast-growth allotment revenues, the district may not have the means of supporting increases.

Chief Operations Officer Eduardo Ramos said a 1% districtwide increase costs PfISD between $2 million-$2.5 million. PfISD trustees approved in March 2020 a minimum 3% pay increase for all staff.

With regard to vaccinations, Killian said many staff are having to travel to Austin or beyond for their vaccinations due to a lack of clinics in Pflugerville. He said the incentive stipend would help reward staff for their efforts.

Staff would be eligible for the incentive stipend through Aug. 31. Individuals who already received the vaccine would be awarded retroactively.

"We're trying to keep our workforce working and protected while they're working," he said.