Roughly two years after a November 2019 announcement that wine and spirits distributor Republic National Distributing Company will relocate and expand operations in east Pflugerville, the first stages of infrastructure upgrades to accommodate those plans have begun.

A 1,000-foot western extension of Helios Way in Pflugerville is taking shape, and an agreement between RNDC and the Pflugerville Community Development Corp. stipulates that road must be complete by July 1, 2022 for RNDC to receive a $500,000 incentive from the PCDC.

Another term of the agreement from 2019 states RNDC must begin construction on the new facility by July 2022 to receive another $700,000 grant from the PCDC parsed out over 10 years.

Per the agreement, RNDC must spend at least $27 million on a minimum 250,000-square-foot facility at the 32-acre site. The company must also provide 304 jobs at the new facility.

PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison said Dec. 16 there is always a possibility of amending the agreement, or the deadlines could be early or late by a few days, but for now July 1 is the deadline to complete the infrastructure extension and begin construction of the facility.