Officials are set to consider two contracts related to the expansion of Pflugerville's surface water treatment plant at an upcoming meeting.

Pflugerville City Council will consider the contracts—a $3,980,517 contract with Garver LLC for owner representative services and a $3,277,458 contract with Ardurra Group Inc. for professional engineering services—at its regular meeting May 24.

The expansion project will increase the plant's capacity from 17.7 million gallons per day to 30 million.

Design work on the project is already complete, having begun in December 2020. City documents indicate the city expects to begin construction bidding on the project in June and award a construction contract in August. Construction is expected to be complete by January 2026.

Several more expansions are planned over the next 30 years, according to city documents, eventually bringing the plant's capacity to 75 million gallons per day in 2041.

Funding for the current expansion comes from utility bond funds.