Should Pflugerville hold steady on its proposed fiscal year 2021-22 tax rate of $0.4970, the average homeowner can expect to pay about $30 more in city taxes than they did this year at a rate of $0.4863.

The tax rate is anticipated to be passed Aug. 24, but during the Aug. 10 City Council meeting, Pflugerville Finance Director Melissa Moore broke down the reasons for the proposed tax rate.

City documents state the rate of $0.4970 is 10.3% higher than the no-new-revenue tax rate of .4504. The no-new-revenue tax rate is the rate that effectively generates the same amount of revenue on the same properties as last tax year.

Moore said the proposed rate will generate 10.8% more revenue over last year, amounting to about $3.48 million, $1.36 million of which comes from property added to the tax roll in the current fiscal year.

City information states the average taxable home value in Pflugerville is $282,434. Therefore, homeowners with that amount of property valuation would pay an extra $30.23 in city taxes over last year.

"That's about an $11 increase per $100,000 of valuation," Moore said.

Pertaining to the city’s budget, staff projected expenditures at $276 million. That breaks down to $130 million for the general fund, debt service and capital programs, $2 million for the special fund that includes the police department, courts and hotels, and $144 million for the city’s enterprise fund, which includes water and wastewater, solid waste and utility capital.

City information also projects revenues for the city are projected at $294 million for fiscal year 2021-22.