Hutto Mayor Mike Snyder and Council Member Robin Sutton made comments in response to former City Manager Odis Jones' recent alternative dispute resolution report during the June 3 council meeting.

Jones served as city manager from 2016 until his resignation in November 2019. As part of a severance agreement, Jones was set to receive over $400,000 and around $100,000 in a consulting agreement.

City Council voted unanimously to end the consulting agreement at its Dec.19, 2019 meeting. On Dec. 5, 2019, council voted to conduct a third-party investigation into the office of the city manager.

In December 2020, Jones sued Snyder, Mayor Pro Tem Tanner Rose and City Manager Warren Hutmacher for racial discrimination following his resignation.

Jones' alternative dispute resolution report criticizes City Council's May 20 refusal for a mediation settlement discussion in the lawsuit he filed against the city. A mediation settlement would settle a lawsuit without having to go to court.

In a pre-written speech addressed to Jones, Snyder asked if Jones was afraid of being placed under oath to address the reason for the termination of the severance agreement, which includes the details of the third-party investigation.

Snyder said City Council will use the lawsuit as an opportunity to be transparent with the community instead of paying anymore money.

"That money tree has been picked bare and there's nothing left for you here," he said.

Sutton said City Council will act in the spirit of hippo, a highly aggressive animal that is defensive to territory invaders. Sutton said Jones made his way into their territory.

"We're not giving up without a fight," she said.