The deadline for filing for the March 3, 2020 primary election

Northwest Austin voters will go to the polls March 3 to cast ballots on dozens of candidates vying for party nominations ahead of the 2020 general election. The filing deadline for primary election candidates for all parties was Dec. 9 at 6 p.m.

Listed below is a full posting of county and state candidates for Republican and Democratic candidates in offices representing Northwest Austin.

*Indicates incumbent


District Attorney

Margaret Moore, D*

Jose Garza, D

Erin Martinson, D

Martin Harry, R

County Attorney

Mike Denton, D

Laurie Eiserloh, D

Delia Garza, D

Dominic Selvera, D


Sally Hernandez, D*

Liz Donegan, D

John Loughran, D

Raul Vargas, R

County Tax Assessor-Collector

Bruce Elfant, D*

Todd Douglas, R

Marilyn Jackson, R

Commissioner, Precinct 1

Jeffrey Travillion, D*

Solomon Arcoven, R

Commissioner, Precinct 3

Valinda Bolton, D

Ann Howard, D

Shiloh Newman, D

Sheri Soltes, D

Becky Bray, R

Constable, Precinct 1

Michael Carter, D

Sam Holt, D

Tonya Nixon, D

Janie Serna, D

Constable, Precinct 2

Adan Ballesteros, D*

Deke Pierce, D

Constable, Precinct 3

Stacy Suits, D*

Constable, Precinct 4

George Morales III, D*

Constable, Precinct 5

Carlos B. Loopez, D*


District Attorney

Perry Travis, D

Hoby Smith, D

Paul Leal, R

County Attorney

Stan O. Springerly, D

Doyle "Dee" Hobbs, R*


Mike Gleason, D

Robert Chody, R*

Tax Assessor-Collector

Larry Gaddes, R

Commissioner, Precinct 1

Terry Cook, D*

Betsy Gonzales, R

Commissioner, Precinct 3

Valerie Covey, R*

Constable, Precinct 1

Vinnie Cherrone, R*

Constable, Precinct 2

Greg Papst, D

Robert Tijerina, D

Jeff Anderson, R

Renee Harrell, R

Constable, Precinct 3

Kevin Stofle, R*

Constable, Precinct 4

Perry Travis, D

Hoby Smith, D

Paul Leal, R


District 48

Donna Howard, D*

Bill Streiber, R

District 49

Gina Hinojosa, D*

Jenai Aragona-Hales, R

Charles Allan Meyer, R

District 50

Celia Israel, D*

Larry Delarose, R

District 136

John H. Bucy III, D*

Mike Guevara, R


District 17

Ahmad Adnan, R

Scott Bland, R

George W. Hindman, R

Todd Kent, R

Pete Sessions, R

Renee Swann, R

William Foster III, D

David Anthony Jaramillo, D

Richard Kennedy, D

District 31

John Carter, R*

Christopher Wall, R

Mike Williams, R

MIchael Edward Grimes, D

Eric Hanke, D

Donna Imam, D

Dan Janjigian, D

Christine Eady Mann, D

Tammy Young, D

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