The Texas Department of Transportation is looking to record public comments about the latest updates to the I-35 Capital Express Central Project between Hwy. 290 East to Hwy. 290 West/Hwy. 71 that were released in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement at the end of 2022. The public can leave comments about the $4.5 billion preferred design with TxDOT until March 9. A virtual or in-person hearing is set for Feb. 9 at the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex in Austin where interested participants can leave comments.

TxDOT released a draft environmental impact statement about the I-35 Capital Express Central Project between Hwy. 290 East to Hwy. 290 West/Hwy. 71 on Dec. 7. The proposed plan has undergone revisions based on community input and comments from stakeholders in the project.

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, TxDOT has to receive all comments within 60 days of the date of publication. After TxDOT receives all comments and includes them in the official hearing record, it is expected to issue a final environmental impact statement and record of decision document in this summer.

The I-35 Capital Express Central Project is designed to rebuild the state highway for the first time in decades passing through downtown Austin. TxDOT plans to build on about 8 miles of I-35, lowering parts of the highway and adding two nontolled high-occupancy vehicle managed lanes in each direction along I-35 from Hwy. 290 to Hwy. 71. The project also pays attention to connecting east and west sides of I-35 with cross street bridges, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and bus lanes adding safety features to the entire corridor.

The project is funded by TxDOT, and the transportation department has been working to seek public comments, as previously reported by Community Impact.

The public can find documents related to the project here. People can comment through email, or leave a voicemail at 512-651-2948. Comments can also be mailed to I-35 Capital Express Central Project Team, 1608 W. 6th St., Austin.