Austin riders who want to pedal to work can switch to e-bikes at a more affordable price starting next year.

Starting 2023, Austin Energy will double the customer rebate for e-bikes. The rebate differs depending on whether it is an individual or fleet purchase. Austin Energy uses a three-tiered system within each category.

For individual e-bike purchases under the three-tiered rebate plan, based on the price range of an e-bike, an e-bike costing $500-$900 will receive a rebate of $200 instead $100. E-bikes costing $1,000-$1,999 will receive a $400 rebate, doubling what is offered this year. E-bikes $2,000 and up will receive a $600 rebate.

Fleet purchase rebates will range from $400-$800 depending on price. Austin Energy will offer more incentives through the Customer Assistance Program for those who qualify.

According to the League of American Bicyclists, an organization that provides education and promotes bicycling as the option of choice, e-bikes are similar to traditional bicycles, but have a low-speed electric motor that provides a boost of power to climb hills and extend a trip. In the U.S., the maximum speed is 20 mph, after which the engine cuts off.

Austin Energy provides electric vehicle charging in its service area. It also provides a subscription plan for unlimited charging for $4.17 per month at charging ports in the service area.

The additional rebates come in response to a June resolution from Austin City Council instructing staff to take action to increase e-bike ownership rebates in the city as part of Austin's climate, mobility and affordability goals.