MetroRail service will be suspended during the week of Thanksgiving, Nov. 19-27, to allow Cap Metro to complete the Lakeline/Leander double-tracking project and continue construction work on the McKalla Station. Commuters will have alternate options with a more reduced schedule Nov. 24-25.

Cap Metro will operate a shuttle instead to serve Leander, Lakeline and Howard Stations before heading to Downtown Station. Cap Metro customers can also hop on an alternative bus service from all MetroRail station locations that can take customers toward downtown with stops.

Nov. 24

No MetroRail service.

Cap Metro will also operate a reduced Sunday-level of service. There will be no MetroExpress, Pickup, UT Service, Night Owl, or MetroRail shuttle service.

Nov. 25

No MetroRail service.

Cap Metro will operate a Sunday-level service. There will be no MetroRail, MetroExpress or UT Service, but Pickup will be in service.  

Customers can view a full listing of alternative services at or call the Customer Service GO Line at 512-474-1200. 

Editor's note: This story was updated to use a correct image of MetroRail.