The Williamson County and Cities Health District is holding two focus group sessions through September with the goal of collecting public feedback on community health needs throughout the county.

The focus groups are the second phase of gathering public input for the county’s community health assessment, which is then used in the development of the Williamson County Community Health Improvement Plan. That planning document identifies health priorities throughout the county.

As part of the process to collect input from county residents, the WCCHD is hosting two 90-minute focus groups on Sept. 23 and Sept. 27. The focus groups will be hosted virtually via Zoom.

For the first focus group on Sept. 23, the WCCHD is looking for low-income, English-speaking residents to participate. Residents interested in participating should contact Emily Johnson at [email protected] or 512-953-3663.

The WCCHD is asking for low-income, Spanish-speaking residents to participate in the Sept. 27 virtual focus group. Residents interested in participating on that date should contact Rachelle Chiang at [email protected] or 512-348-6287.

Williamson County residents who participate in the focus groups will be asked to share their thoughts on “the ease or difficulty in obtaining health care in the community.” Anyone who participates in the focus groups will receive a $25 electronic gift card.