Editor’s note: This story was updated to correct information about the cost of living raises that were approved and recommended, as well as clarifying information about the compensation report. Information about unrelated potential pay increases was removed.

Ahead of the approval of the Williamson County budget for the upcoming fiscal year, Williamson County Commissioners Court approved a 5% cost-of-living raise for FY 2022-23.

The vote followed a wide ranging conversation between commissioners and human resources staff about salaries. However, the only action item taken was to approve the elected official’s raise as state law requires the proposed rate to be announced early to give officials the opportunity to move through the grievance process if they have an issue with the rate.

The impact of the cost of living adjustment for elected officials would be $131,700.

Rebecca Clemons, senior director of human resources recommended the county also conduct a salary study to examine elected officials’ pay grades.

During a broader discussion on the budget Clemons, senior director of human resources, presented a report on compensation based on market review as well as inflation and potential salary increases for employees.

"We are in a time of inflation that we have not seen in about 40 years,” Clemons said.