Williamson County Commissioners Court approved a resolution to recognize the week of July 17 as the Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week to honor the contributions and critical role of pretrial, probation and parole officers in promoting positive change in the county.

“Williamson County has a reputation for being tough on crime, but we also are committed to reducing crime by reducing the recidivism rate,” County Judge Bill Gravell said. “Our Pretrial Services and Community Supervision and Corrections departments have wonderful tools for helping people to get on the right path,”

Gravell recognized the services of all three departments that assist and supervise criminal offenders once they are released on bond.

The Williamson County Community Supervision and Corrections Department program provides supervision services and inpatient and outpatient treatment services for criminal offenders. The Williamson County Pretrial Services Department provides post-release supervision for defendants released on bond and manages alcohol monitoring reporting for all criminal courts. The Pretrial Services provide administrative support to the Magistrate’s Office, and conducts risk and financial screenings to assist the judiciary in making bail-related decisions.

PPPS week is observed annually in July to recognize the role of pretrial, probation and parole officers nationwide.