Valor Public Schools, a network of K-12 tuition-free charter schools, has changed its name to Valor Education to better reflect its mission of education. The charter schools target education for “the whole person in authentic communities for a full human life.”

“When Valor first began, before we had our first school or [wrote] even our Texas charter, Valor Education was the name of our organization,” President and CEO David Williams said. “In addition to our K-12 public charter schools, we aim to provide a range of programs for teachers, parents and other community members through the Valor Institute.”

Valor sent out the email to parents July 26 to inform them of the name change and website address to simplify what is already a part of their organization, said Erin Fonner, director of marketing and communications.

The free charter schools partner with families in educating their children using a holistic approach focusing on character development and instilling a sense of wonder in the students, Fonner said. The school offers Latin and advanced math and science programs. Fine arts is also part of the curriculum, not an elective.

Valor Education opened its first location in South Austin in 2018, to serve grades K-8, adding a grade each year. In 2020, it opened Valor North Austin near Wells Branch at 14200 N. I-35, Austin, also K-10. The north campus, which serves 800 students, has plans to add an upper school building, library, theater and gym to the campus.

Valor Kyle is expected to open Aug. 17 with the same K-8 model adding a grade each year. Valor in San Antonio and Leander are in the works for 2023. Among North and South Austin locations and Kyle, Valor will serve 2,200 students.