On a shaded green patch of grass with a giant pink flamingo stands Chaba Kitchen, a food truck serving home-style Thai food from Bangkok. The restaurant celebrated its grand opening Aug. 8 and is located inside Pink Flamingo Plant Co. at 7221 McNeil Drive, Austin, amid other food trucks. It serves street-style Thai basil fried rice and chicken satay with sauces from streets in Bangkok.

“The business expresses our culture; this is what we eat at home,” said Natt LozanoPhilip, the owner of Chaba Kitchen who is originally from Thailand.

LozanoPhilip works in the airline industry and travels to Asia. She said she could identify her mother’s home cooking in Bangkok eateries but did not find the same flavors in Austin restaurants. She decided to set up a food truck business using her grandmother's and mother’s recipes. While she is the owner, her mother runs the kitchen and makes sure everything that comes out of the food truck window matches the flavors they grew up eating at home as a family.

It took LozanoPhilip and her husband eight months to set up the food truck. They spread the word through social media and asked neighbors to come support Chaba Kitchen. There has been steady business ever since they opened, LozanoPhilip said.

Items on the menu include appetizers such as crab rangoon, soups, and main dishes with traditional red and green curry. The truck also sells iced Thai tea with milk and mango along with rice desserts. 737-877-2888. www.chaba.kitchen