Ramen Del Barrio, a Japanese-Mexican fusion ramen shop, is expected to open inside the food court of Hana World Market, 1700 Parmer Lane, Ste. 100, Austin, on Feb. 15.

The restaurant is the brainchild of young culinary chef Christopher Krinsky, who opened an underground ramen shop in his family garage in his spare time, offering exclusive dinner to about 30 people with recipes he developed himself.

“I kind of accidentally created one of Austin's most exclusive restaurants just on the fact that I had artificially created lack of availability because I was still working Monday through Friday and my actual job,” Krinsky said.

Krinsky plans to use Japanese technique to make true ramen and then season it to bring all of the Mexican components to the front. Both cuisines are making their mark in Austin, and his wish to combine them is “an exciting opportunity for a young chef to try and do something new and make his mark,” Krinsky said.

To learn more about the restaurant, call 512-720-1469 or visit www.instagram.com/ramen_del_barrio.