ZACH Theatre North ZACH Theatre North opens Jan. 23 with classes for children age 3/12 to fifth grade.[/caption]

What we reported

In October, the Central Austin performing arts venue and school announced it would open a second satellite location in early 2017 in Northwest Austin off RM 620. Associate Education Director Chad Dike said this was in response to residents wanting to enroll their children in ZACH’s classes but being unable to make the trek near downtown.

The latest

Classes began Monday, Jan. 23 for children ages 3 1/2 through fifth grade in acting, musical theater and improvisation Monday through Thursday after school and on Saturdays. Dike said ZACH offers story drama classes as a precursor to acting for younger children. Classes also focus on building skills in creativity, confidence and collaboration, he said, to help students become more well-rounded.

What’s next

ZACH will host a spring break camp for elementary-age students March 13-17 and will start summer camps June 9. This summer Dike said the theater will also expand its classes for students in sixth through 12th grades and explore new options this fall.

12129 N. RM 620, Ste. 310, Austin
512-476-0594, ext. 236

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