Austin Community College Highland Campus will open a new career center in the fall of this year according to a May 17 news release. It will offer students the opportunity to explore in-demand careers.

What’s happening?

Called The Make It Center, the new 10,000-square-foot facility was built to give students a hands-on experience with in-demand careers, the release states. Construction began March 21, 2022 inside ACC's Highland Campus located at 6101 Highland Campus Drive, Austin. The release states the center will help students cultivate their passions while gaining exposure to new career opportunities.

“There are so many pathways and opportunities out there that people aren’t aware of or haven't heard of. We don’t want the community just clocking in and out at a job. The Make It Center helps them find an exciting career and allows them to earn a living wage in Central Texas,” ACC Chancellor Richard Rhodes said in the release. “We’re working to help people find their purpose and make a career out of their passion.”

Diving in deeper

The Make it Movement is the basis for the new center, the release states. The movement aims to help high school students graduate with a career that matches their desired wages. The Make it Center aims to help students of all ages, not just high school, the release states. The Make it Center will have several technological amenities, including:
  • A showroom where in-demand careers are displayed for students to look into
  • The simulation zone, which uses 3D and 4D models to mimic working in a selected career field
  • The FabLab, where students can build things on-site
The center won't officially open until the fall, but tours are available to be scheduled on the ACC MIC website.