Longtime friends Matt Carter and Matt Davis were interested in partnering up to start a new restaurant business on Lamar Boulevard. They agreed they wanted something unique to fill the large land they were working with—pickleball courts.

How it happened

In 2020, the ownership pair created Bouldin Acres, a social pickleball space in the Austin community, said Jared Hensley, general manager for the restaurant's Braker Lane location, and managing partner Jason Gonzales.

“Matt Carter saw people playing it in Idaho and some other places that his family visits and there was nowhere in Austin, or the surrounding area, that had pickleball at the time,” Gonzales said.

On the menu

In addition to their courts, both Bouldin Acres locations feature a full menu of burgers, wings, tacos and more. The restaurant collaborates with CM Smokehouse, a Texas BBQ-style food truck with innovative BBQ dishes.

When asked what the must-try menu items are, Gonzales had an immediate answer.

“Our brisket crunchwrap. Think of like a crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell but made with our smoked brisket,” Gonzales said. “That’s our top-selling item.”

In their own words

Gonzales and Hensley said the restaurants help create connections among Austin community members.

“We had people meet at Bouldin Acres when we first opened and they just recently had their engagement party here,” Gonzales said. “That’s something we really strive for. We want to try and create those memories.”
  • Northwest Austin: 1806 W. Braker Lane, Austin
  • Central Austin: 2027 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin
  • www.bouldinacres.com