Nhi Nguyen opened Sip Munch Cafe in March, offering a taste of Vietnam to those who stop by.

Sip Munch Cafe specializes in Vietnamese beverages, with selections ranging from milk teas to fruit teas, sugarcane juices and coffees, as well as a variety of croffles—a croissant-waffle hybrid.

How it started

"The idea came to me because I was craving some Vietnamese authentic-flavored beverages, and would usually have to go to Houston or Dallas to satisfy the craving," Nguyen said.

Nguyen experimented with her concept in 2023 at the Asian World Night Market, which she said proved to be a hit, noting that her family owned a coffee shop in Vietnam for 20 years.

"That’s why our Vietnamese coffees actually have the same taste and flavors as those from Vietnam," Nguyen said. "We import coffees straight from Vietnamese local sources."
Vietnamese iced coffee is a specialty at Sip Munch Cafe. (Courtesy Sip Munch Cafe)
Vietnamese iced coffee is a specialty at Sip Munch Cafe. (Courtesy Sip Munch Cafe)
On the menu

Vietnamese coffees at Sip Munch Cafe include options such as bac xiu, a lighter, creamier version of traditional Vietnamese iced coffee; as well as flavors such as coconut; sesame; ube, or purple yam; and pandan, a sweet, aromatic plant from Southeast Asia.

Fruity green teas range from mango-dragon fruit to pineapple-passion zest, peach-lemongrass, guava-orange-rose and more.

Additional drink options include fresh sugarcane juices, such as kumquat and durian, and milk teas made with oolong, salted foam, strawberries and other flavors.

Smoothies with lychee and other fruits, as well as strawberry-flavored matchas and matcha lattes, are also available.
Sip Munch Cafe offers a selection of croffles including creamy, chocolate and strawberry. (Courtesy Sip Munch Cafe)
Sip Munch Cafe offers a variety of croffles, including creamy, chocolate and strawberry. (Courtesy Sip Munch Cafe)
What else?

Through sips and snacks, Nguyen said she aims to share a piece of her roots with Austinites, in addition to sparking memories for Vietnamese people living far from home.

"I am passionate about bringing the vibrant flavors and rich cultural heritage of Vietnamese coffees and fruit teas to Austin," Nguyen said.
  • Opened March 10
  • 1701 W. Parmer Lane, Apt. 105, Austin
  • Instagram: sipmunchcafe