Two more residential developments are on the horizon for the North Burnet/Gateway area following Austin City Council’s approval of future 450- and 375-unit housing developments on Kramer Lane and Donley Drive on March 21.

The details

The 450-unit residential development is located on about 8.5 acres off Donley Drive and is currently occupied by a warehouse and office building, a parking lot and Innovation Park, a three-story office building. The site is a 0.8-mile walk to the newly-built McKalla Station.

Just up the road and within half a mile of McKalla Station, the future 375-unit development is a roughly 4.45 parcel of land currently developed with a one-story office building off Kramer Lane.

The requests for redevelopment were created through an amendment to the North Burnet/Gateway Regulating Plan, a document dictating development requirements in the area.

The latest move approved by City Council allows buildings on each site to be built up to 491 feet, compared to 120 feet previously. The floor-to-area ratio, representing a building’s density, was also changed from the lowest option of 3:1 to the highest at 12:1.

What else?

Prior to the recent change, the Donley Drive lot was previously zoned as a warehouse mixed-use subdistrict, while the Kramer Lane parcel was neighborhood mixed-use.

Both sites were updated from their respective zoning designations to Transit-Oriented Development-Gateway, which is the highest density subdistrict in the area, according to city documents. The TOD-Gateway zoning focuses density closer to the rail station, city documents show.

The context

The North Burnet/Gateway areas have seen a shift in development patterns in recent years due to two new transit stations increasing mobility in the area: McKalla Station and a station near the 66-acre mixed-use development Uptown ATX, according to city documents.