With over 20 years of restaurant experience, entrepreneur Sami Alasi launched Rocket Coffee ATX in mid-2022 at The Artisan Center, aiming to curate an inclusive, community-focused coffee shop.

What’s special about it?

Alasi said his focus is to create a welcoming space for coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. To achieve this, he said the coffee drinks are all made using 100% Fairtrade Certified Organic beans to produce exceptionally flavored coffees.

“We are proud to only serve coffee from sustainable, ethical growers,” Alasi said. “It really helps us to keep an unparalleled consistency and taste.”
All of the coffees served at Rocket Coffee ATX are from 100% Fairtrade Certified Organic beans. (Amanda Cutshall/Community Impact)
On the menu

Signature drinks at the shop include the Star Light Star Bright, a brown sugar vanilla latte; the Andromeda, a hot matcha and rose latte; and the Blast Off, an iced white chocolate cold brew with cream.

Other popular menu items include the Blue Moon, a hot lavender Earl Grey tea; and the Planetarium, an iced honey and lemon green tea.

Classics, such as Americanos, cortados, macchiatos, drip coffee and more, are available, as well as hot and iced teas, blended drinks, and Italian sodas in a range of customizable flavors.
Options to add extra espresso shots, flavored syrups and more are available at Rocket Coffee ATX. (Amanda Cutshall/Community Impact)
Giving back

Not afraid of a tall order, Alasi said since day one, he and his team of baristas have worked to ensure they not only serve high-quality drinks, but spur positive change in the neighborhood.

A few projects that Rocket Coffee ATX is involved with include monetary donations to reading programs at local schools, supporting teachers with supplies and other needs, and hosting pet adoption clinics.

“We host events on our large patio with our community and animal shelters, and donate 100% of the proceeds back to the community,” Alasi said.
Rocket Coffee ATX owner Sami Alasi said he and his team of baristas work to serve top-notch drinks while also emphasizing customer service and giving back to the community. (Amanda Cutshall/Community Impact)
Looking ahead

Alasi spilled the beans about the plan he is brewing to open another location of Rocket Coffee ATX. Although an exact site for the next shop has not been finalized, Alasi said he will maintain the current menu offerings and add a few new ones.

“At the second coffee shop, we will have an in-house bakery for all of our pastries and desserts,” Alasi said, noting that he sees value in fresh-baked goods—especially when paired with a good cup of coffee.
In addition to signature space-themed drinks, Rocket Coffee ATX serves classics, such as Americanos, cortados, macchiatos, drip coffee and more. (Amanda Cutshall/Community Impact)
In his own words

“It’s our vision to do business in an honorable way and to see our community impacted to be a better place for all of us,” Alasi said. “We strive to value every individual and create the best experience possible.”