Nearly 15 years after opening at 2340 W. Braker Lane in North Austin, co-founders Ben Sabel and Judson Mulherin announced they have closed Circle Brewing Co. The facility at 816 Lexington Road in Elgin will remain open for a few more days.

A closer look

In a statement posted the evening of Sept. 18 on both the Circle Brewing website and on social media, Sabel and Mulherin said a lot has changed for brewers in the Austin area since opening in 2010.

"You could literally count the number of breweries in Austin on your fingers, and not only did we know every brewer in town, but we used to get together monthly to share a pint or several with them," they said in the statement. "It was a great time to brew beer and wonderful to drink it with such a fascinating group of people who had come into brewing beer from seemingly every possible walk of life."

Sabel and Mulherin said with the help of other breweries, they were able to stay afloat and eventually begin hiring employees.

About 10 years later, they were able to buy 23 acres in Elgin to start the process of building a fully sustainable farm with the goal of growing their own ingredients for brewing their beers.

"Then COVID[-19] came along to ensure the buildout took forever and cost twice as much," they said. "Our biggest regret is not having the time to see our vision through and fulfilling the enormous potential we know would have paid off enormously. We're sorry we didn't have the time to see it to the end."

Current situation

The founders said in their statement that the location on Braker Lane is closed effective immediately; however, the Elgin location will remain open until at least Sept. 24. During that time, a sale on remaining drafts, six packs and merchandise will be offered.

Notable quote

"As the oldest brewery in North Austin, we hope that during our time we had a positive impact on everyone around us and our community," they said. "Thank you all for enjoying our dream—one pint at a time."

Editor's note: This is a developing story and will be updated with newer information.