The city of Frisco’s last town hall meeting of the year was dominated by questions related to recent increased water bills.

Most residents who called in or spoke in person during the meeting raised concerns about their water bills and questioned the reasons behind the increases.

The city’s overall response is that usage has increased following heavy spring rains and decreased water restrictions over the summer.

According to Frisco’s Public Works Department, residents averaged 49.6 million gallons of water per day this August. Last August, residents averaged 24.3 million gallons of water per day, less than half of the average this year.

City Manager George Purefoy said he is not surprised that the water usage has gone up more this year compared with last year.

“For the one’s who say you haven’t been using your sprinkler system and your grass is absolutely dead at home, then I believe you,” he said. “But if your grass is green right now, I’m telling you, you had to get water on that yard some way because you haven’t been getting it from God since the last rain in July.”

The city encourages any residents who have concerns regarding water bills to contact the Utility Billing Department by calling 972-292-5575 or emailing [email protected] Residents can also go to Utility Billing’s home page to view an informational video about water bills or to schedule a meter, leak or irrigation check.

Frisco Financial Services Director Anita Cothran said the Utility Billing Department has received about 13,000 calls since the beginning of August. Of those calls, about 2,000 calls resulted in meter checks from the city.