After a nearly year-and-a-half-long process, the update to Frisco’s Comprehensive Plan is almost complete.

The Frisco City Council approved the plan May 20 and instructed city staff to come back with an ordinance for adoption at a later meeting.

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a roadmap of what Frisco should look like as development continues toward build-out.

The draft plan can be found here.

Updated from 2006, the plan shows more concentrated corridors of office space, commercial development and urban centers along the Dallas North Tollway, SH 121 and US 380.

"We’re not changing directions every time we do this,” Mayor Maher Maso said. “It’s minor changes, minor adjustments, things we learn from our residents and things they want to see changed, things that the council experienced that they want to see changed. We make those adjustments, but we’ve never turned around, we’ve never gone a 90-degree angle in another direction."

Council Member Bob Allen stressed the plan is a guideline and is not “cast in concrete.”

“I want to emphasize, if we have a property owner out there that has a great property and a great idea and it doesn’t quite match the plan, please do not allow that to get in the way of bringing that plan forward,” Allen said.

The process began in January 2014 with the formation of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Council, which consisted of more than two dozen community members. The plan was then approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission before it was sent to the City Council.

Regular advisory council meetings took place throughout the process and citizens were involved in multiple open house forums. City staff members also interviewed Frisco stakeholders.

“The one thing I get asked often when we share with the outside world, whether it’s here locally or throughout the state, country or the world, of all the successes in Frisco… the one thing I tell them is, with the type of growth we have here…  if we didn’t know where we were going, it would be a disaster—an utter disaster," Maso said. "The roadmap is a critical component in where we are going."