Restaurant takes name from Irish pub

For many in the area, Snooty Pig is a neighborhood landmark. The restaurant has earned its status as a breakfast and lunch destination spot during its 14 years, with its home-cooked meals and friendly atmosphere.

But at the beginning, at the dawn of a new millennium, Snooty Pig Cafe was a long shot. Its owner was still a young adult, the name was confusing, and the space was far from perfect for a sit-down restaurant.

Brandon Bunn, Snooty Pig's owner, said he was just 21 when the lease at 4010 William D. Tate Avenue became available. He said the rent was low, and the renovations would be minimal. In addition, his father, Blake, was available to provide guidance. Blake had just sold Bacon, a breakfast nook in the Mid-Cities area that he founded and operated for five years.

"I was in the right place at the right time," Brandon said.

As Brandon has grown up, so has his business. The Snooty Pig umbrella covers four restaurants and a catering business as the Bunns steadily grow their brand.

A location opened near the Alliance Airport 10 years ago, followed three years later by a restaurant in Argyle. Blake runs both of those. Brandon oversees a Snooty Pig in Highland Village, which opened three years ago, in addition to the Grapevine location.

The original Snooty Pig in Grapevine is still a down-home place where most of the customers know each other, Brandon said. It sets the tone for newer locations.

Brandon said he is proud of the fact that when one goes into the Snooty Pig kitchen, there are no bottles, bags or any kind of packaging.

From the traditional breakfast meals to pot roast and meat loaf for lunch, everything is made from scratch.

Nothing comes in frozen or premade.

"You can see the shells from your scrambled eggs," Brandon said. "Nobody can do it fresher. Nobody can do it faster. Nobody can do it cheaper."

The one characteristic of the Grapevine restaurant—its size—that Brandon thought might be a problem has turned out to be a blessing. Because of the small interior, customers order first at the counter, then have their food delivered to the table.

"It's turned out to be part of the charm of the place," Brandon said. "People seem to like ordering first, even for a sit-down meal."

Brandon said the other thing about the size is that it has created a great atmosphere.

"We don't just have customers that know each other in here, but families that know each other. The kids play soccer together, and the moms are friends. They don't even plan it—they are just running in here before practice to get a quick bite to eat—but it turns into a group outing."

The name of the restaurant came from his stepmother, Marge. She had traveled to Ireland and had seen a pub with the name.

"A lot of people think that we will be a barbecue place when they see the name," Brandon said. "Most people's response is, 'Snooty what?' But it has worked out pretty good for us. Once you eat here, you'll remember what kind of place we have."

And that place is something that Brandon said he is proud of, especially since he didn't know what he was getting himself into 14 years ago.

"At 21, I thought I knew everything," Brandon said. "Now that I'm 35, I know just how little I did know back then. I'm very thankful."

Snooty Pig facts

Snooty Pig's top catering customers are warehouse and delivery services near the DFW International Airport.

Brandon said the staff is like one big, happy family. Turnover is minimal, even though many of the staff are high school or college students and leave only when they go to college or start on their chosen career.

Snooty Pig Caf & Catering, 4010 William D. Tate Ave, Grapevine 817-283-3800, Catering: 817-996-5865,, Hours of operation, Mon.–Fri. 6:30 a.m.–2 p.m., Sat.–Sun. 7 a.m.–2 p.m.